Remo Fritzsche

Welcome to Remo's temporary website

He came into the world in the early nineties, and grew up in a meanwhile not-so-small town near to Zurich, Switzerland. He's working as freelance filmmaker, musician, light designer and beside that, as a software engineer and project manager for a company in Zurich.

Music & Remo

At the age of 7, he discovered his predilection for making music and started to play piano. Over the years he came across various other instruments like accordion, guitar, violin and cello and began to compose orchestral film music for various projects. Not many years later he found his deep passion for making films and started to produce his first short films.

Currently he's working on his biggest project so far, the «Black Widow». This involves composing, producing, directing, acting, light design and much more, which is a great opportunity to push skills further and let the creativity grow wild.

Light design and event promotion

For more than a decade now, he's also working as a freelance light designer, technician and operator for concerts, theatres and musicals. This gave him the chance to work with great Swiss acts such as Sina, Adrian Stern, Michael von der Heide, Philipp Fankhauser, Michael Elsener, Fabian Unteregger, Dada Ante Portas and international acts that include Barclay James Harvest and Chris Jagger.

In the past few years, he's also worked as an event promoter for various musical acts.